Improved access to better treatments

Reimbursement models
Health equity and disparity
Regulatory policy

Roche is committed to fundamentally changing the entire healthcare system, in partnership with all stakeholders, so that patients can receive access to the treatments they need. We are working to enact policies and regulations in each country towards this end.

We also feel a responsibility to ensure everyone can benefit from the latest advances in treatment, regardless of gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background, and we are committed to ensuring that our approach to personalised healthcare will also help address gaps in health equity and disparity.

In addition, we are developing tools to improve reimbursement assessment. Using real-world data from Flatiron Health, we estimated the long-term survival of patients with a type of lung cancer who received standard treatment. Based on that data, a national health agency supported reimbursement for an advanced immunotherapy under its state healthcare system.